Where can I find my contacts?

Within your contacts you can find all the details of your customers in one place. In this article we explain where you can find these contacts.

In the header of the Watermelon platform you can navigate to the My contacts menu. In this menu you can find all kinds of information on visitors via Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram. The visitors on these channels are already logged in to their accounts while contacting you and are therefore recognisable by Watermelon. This way you have all the necessary contact details in one place.

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Besides the conversations, in this menu you can also see the details of the contacts whose conversations you have archived. For example: a phone number when someone contacted you through WhatsApp, an email address when this is known through their Facebook account, but also other fields that were filled in during the conversation.

Aside from the filled in fields and previous conversations, you can also see which tags you have assigned to the contacts and which notes you have left behind.

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Search in My contacts

In the My contacts menu you also have the ability to search for used tags, notes, names or details like phone number or email addresses. This way you can quickly search for all the conversations with the WhatsApp tag and get a complete overview of all the conversations with this tag.

Can I also see contacts for website visitors?

You can only see previous conversations for website visitors who, during their chat conversation, have filled in (custom) fields in their customer profile. The website widget is, essentially, a way for visitors to anonymously start a conversations with your chatbot. Only when you specifically ask for contact details and fill them in your (custom) fields (automatically or manually), you can find these conversations in My contacts.