Within your contacts you can find all the details of your customers in one place. In this article we explain where you can find these contacts.

Navigate to 'Contacts' from the menu. In this section, you can review various information from visitors who have had contact through the chat(bot) via different channels. When visitors reach out through WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram in the chat, their details are always added because they are logged in, and their information is known.

Here, you will not only see the conversations but also the details of the individuals whose conversations you have archived. This may include their email address if it's known in a Facebook account or their phone number if they come in via WhatsApp, as well as any other custom fields requested during the chat conversation.

In addition to the ability to review previous conversations and visitor details, you can also check previously added tags and notes from earlier interactions.

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Search function in Contacts

In 'Contacts' you also have the option to search for tags, notes, names, or details like email addresses and phone numbers. For example, you can quickly search for all conversations with the tag "WhatsApp" and get an overview of all interactions with this tag.


Can I see the contacts of visitors from the website widget?

You can only see previous conversations of contacts that come in through the website widget when custom fields are used. The website widget is, in a sense, an anonymous option for visitors to chat with a chatbot on your website, and they do not need to provide their names or other information. However, if they do leave their information in the custom fields or if a staff member manually adds it, then you can find the relevant conversation under 'Contacts'.