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Setting Up a Handover Trigger via Zapier

By using the Watermelon handover trigger, you can automatically forward messages to other software when a handover occurs from the chatbot to a user or from the chatbot to a team.


Zapier allows you to connect Watermelon with thousands of other web apps, enabling you to set up workflows between apps. This makes it easier to automate tasks and work more efficiently!

Each Zap has one app as a Trigger, where information originates from and triggers one or multiple Actions in other apps. You can find more information on using Zapier in this article.


What is the Handover Trigger?

The handover trigger refers to the moment when the chatbot is transferred (handover) to an agent or a team, and the Zap is initiated. In other words, there is a trigger when a handover takes place.


What Do You Need for the Handover Trigger?

  • Your Zapier account
  • Your Watermelon account
  • Watermelon API key with read and write access 


Creating the Zap

To create a Zap, go to Integrations and then to Zapier. Start by connecting the appropriate app. Zaps are always created by selecting a trigger and an action. A trigger is an event that starts a Zap, and an action is an event that a Zap executes after it's initiated.

Once you've chosen an app, click on "Use this Zap". From there, you can set up the Zap according to your needs.

Under "Event", choose "Handover Conversation Agent" or "Handover Conversation Team" (depending on your requirements).

If you haven't connected Watermelon to Zapier yet, you'll need to create a new API Key and set up a new connection. The API key requires read and write access.

When setting up the Action, you can specify which data you want to send to the selected app. If you select "Messages Payload", the entire conversation will be forwarded without formatting.



Open your chatbot and go through the steps until it reaches the handover to an agent or team. If all goes well, the desired data should now appear in the selected tool.


Congratulations! Your handover trigger is complete!