My contacts

At the top of the header is the option My contacts.
Within this option you can read back all kinds of information from the visitors who came to the chatbot via Facebook, Twitter, Mail or WhatsApp. The visitors to these channels are logged in while they are contacting a company and Watermelon provides insight into this information. In this way you have all contact information in one place. You can view the following data per contact:
  • Name
  • Channel
  • Archived conversations
  • Used tags and notes

In addition to the conversations, you can also see the details of the people whose conversation you have archived. You should think of the e-mail address when someone enters by e-mail and the telephone number when someone enters by WhatsApp.
In addition to the possibility to read back the conversations and data from these visitors, you can also read the tags and notes that were added earlier from the previous conversations.

Search in my contacts

In my contacts you also have the option to search for tags, notes, names or data such as e-mail address and telephone number. For example, as you can see in the example below, you can quickly search for all conversations with the "WhatsApp" tag and you have an overview of all conversations with this tag.

Can i also view the contacts of the visitors to the CXhub?

Unfortunately you cannot view any data or previously conducted calls from the contacts that arrive through the CXhub. The CXhub is, as it were, an anonymous possibility for the visitor to chat with a chatbot on your website, so people do not have to provide a name or other details for this. This will be possible when we deliver Custom Fields. This allows you to let anonymous visitors enter information and save it in My Contacts. This way you can further expand your Watermelon database with website visitors. Keep an eye on Canny to see when we want to deliver Custom Fields.

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