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Using the interactive tester of Watermelon Pulse

Once you have filled the chatbot with domain knowledge and instructions, you can start testing the chatbot! See how the AI is already doing its job without any training!

Here comes the fun part! How does the chatbot personality evolve, and how does the chatbot reproduce the knowledge you entered? Before activating your chatbot, we recommend proper testing. This way you can spot any errors yourself before your visitors do! 

You retest the chatbot each time you have added new content or instructions.

In the menu on the left, navigate to "interactive tester."

Here you will already see some tips & tricks, features and limitations you can use for testing.

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Try to put yourself in the end user's shoes as much as possible. What questions would they ask?

You will then see the generated answer, which the chatbot generated with the content and instructions you already added.

Next to the answer generated by the chatbot, you will see a thumbs up and a thumbs down. Select the thumbs up when you are satisfied with the answer given. Select the thumbs down when you are not satisfied with the answer given. You will then get a pop-up in which you will instruct the chatbot on how to give a better answer next time. Here you select the category you want to add the instruction to and add the instruction.

Note: This is not the literal answer you want the chatbot to give, but an instruction to generate this answer, just as you set in the other instructions.


Are you happy with the results of testing the chatbot? You are ready to activate it!