Will a cookie be placed on my customer's device?

Watermelon uses Cookies to identify and recognise visitors and customers. In this article we tell you all about how cookies work and how they are placed.

Does Watermelon place cookies?

Cookies allow the Watermelon software to recognise and identify a user. Cookies are only placed when a visitor starts the conversation. Cookies are placed on any device on which the visitor is active at that moment. 

What if a user deletes his or her cookies?

It may happen that a user deletes his or her cookies. When this happens, the Watermelon software can no longer identify this user. It will then be necessary to ask again who the person is. The data will then be merged with the already existing contact. 

What if the customer changes devices?

It is possible that a user started the conversation on the computer and starts a new conversation on his or her phone. Initially, a new contact is then created. If a unique value is exchanged in the conversation such as a phone number, customer number or email address, Watermelon recognises that a contact exists with the same value. At that point, Watermelon will link these two profiles.