Using filters

There are three different filters. In this article you will read how to use each filter.

There are three types of filters:

  • General filters are the three filters you see in the top left of your screen (All, New and Your inbox).
  • Team filters are the filters that are under each team. These include All conversations, Unassigned conversations and My conversations within this particular team. This gives each team its own 'work environment' where conversations can be sent and handled.
  • Agent filters are filters that show the conversations by individual employee. These are the conversations that are assigned to the individual employee.

You can think of the General filters as the place where conversations come in or where you can access all the conversations assigned to you directly. Team filters serve as an additional filter to divide conversations into different subsections.


There is an important difference between General filters and Team filters. The difference is that any user can see the General filters New and Your conversations, while Team filters of a team and the conversations of a team are only visible to the members of that particular team. All and All conversations in both the General filters and Team filters are only viewable when you have an administrator role in Watermelon.