See the history of a chat forwarded by the chatbot

If the chatbot has had a conversation with a customer and then forwards the conversation, the entire conversation history can be read back.

Every message that the chatbot and/or the customer sends in a chat can be read back. So also when a chat is forwarded to a team or to the general filter New

You can also see the current chatbot conversations. This way you can not only check how the chatbot is performing, but you can also anticipate a conversation that is going to be forwarded. You can do this as follows:

  • Select your Chatbot.
  • Click on a conversation you want to view.
  • If desired, you can take over the conversation from the chatbot.
  • Click on In conversation above the conversation.
  • Select Assign to me.
  • Or, select the Assign to me button in the text field.

In short, you can always read back the conversation history of a chatbot conversation. You can do this both when the conversation has been forwarded and when the chatbot is conducting the conversation.