Read closed conversations

In this article you can read how to read closed conversations.

When you have completed a conversation in the conversations overview, you can close this conversation. These conversations are then stored within Watermelon. There are two ways to then read these conversations: from your conversations export and from contacts.

From the export

  • Go to Statistics.
  • Select the data from which you want to read the conversations.
  • Select Exporting conversations in the upper right corner.
  • Choose Agent conversations only or All conversations and select Export.
  • A file will be downloaded in which you can read all closed conversations.

Export all conversations

From the export you can read both anonymous as non-anonymous conversations.


From contacts

  • Go to Contacts.
  • Select the contact with who you have had a conversation you wan to read.
  • Scroll down in this contact.
  • Select Archive. Here you can see an overview of the conversations that you had with this contact, including date and contact owner.
  • Click a conversation to open it.

Archived conversations - EN

From contact you can only read conversations where contact details where added.

Note: when conversations are deleted, they are no longer visible, not in the export, nor in contacts.