Adding question variants

Question variations are the different questions you add within the question & answer module to get the right answer from the chatbot. Completing question variations can be difficult, because what does the chatbot recognise and what not?

The right questions

1. The first step in asking the right questions is to think of the main question. As an example, let's use the question "How do I send an image?"

2. The second step is to think of variations on this question. Here it's important that the variation has the same intention, but is phrased differently. Think of synonyms of words you used in the main question. For example: "Can I send a picture?"

In this sentence, not only has the word 'image' been replaced by 'picture', but the question has also been asked differently.

Note: a variation on the main question "how do I send an image?" would NOT be "how do I send a picture?". Only one word changes in that sentence and that's not enough for the chatbot to distinguish an intention from the question.

3. A third question variation on the main question is "Is it possible to send media or an attachment?" For this variation, not only synonyms were used, but also a different conjugation of the verb was applied.

Which questions does the chatbot recognise?

When these three variations are added, the chatbot picks up the following answers, amongst others:

How do I send a picture?
How do I send an attachment?
Can I send a photo?
How do I send a photo?
How do I send an attachment?
How do I send an attachment or a photo?
I don't know how to send an attachment
Can I possibly send a photo?
Is it possible to send a photo?

To find out if the chatbot understands enough different questions, you can test the chatbot. In this article you will read how testing the chatbot works. Important here is that you don't ask the questions exactly as you entered them, but also other variations on the question.