Setting up your Out of Office message (Legacy Chatbot)

When you set up an absence message, your customers will receive an automatic notification when you are unavailable. In this article, we'll guide you on how to configure this feature.

How do I set up the out of office message?

  • Navigate to Integrations in the menu and select Out of office.

  • Enter the message that your customers will receive when they contact you outside of office hours. We recommend including your business hours, so customers know when they can reach you.

  • Specify the times when you are available. You can adjust this for each day.

  • Click Save.

Do you have a regular (Legacy) chatbot?

The chatbot answers your customers' questions even outside office hours! If the chatbot hasn't learned to answer a specific question, the conversation will be forwarded to a staff member. The customer will then see an absence message with your office hours, informing them that their query will be addressed later.

Do you have a Pulse chatbot?

In the case of a Pulse chatbot, you only need to set the times when live chat is not available. To configure the actual message sent by the chatbot when live chat is accessed outside of opening hours, you can do this under the "Situations" menu in Watermelon Pulse. In this article, you can read how to do it.