Set to live or test conversations

Per conversation you have the option to set it to live or test. When you have finished a conversation, you don't want customers to be able to go through it right away.

Note: this article is about the Legacy chatbot. Are you looking for articles about the Pulse chatbot? You can find them here.

First you want to test it yourself if it all works the way you envisioned it. With one click of a button you can easily choose not to set the conversation live, but in test mode. The conversation is then only available in the internal tester in the dashboard or on a secure test environment. When you're done testing, you can just as easily set the conversation back live and it will be available to your customers. 

How do I set the conversation to live?

When you go to Conversations, you'll see two options under each conversation: Live or Testing. You can select one of the two options. This way you can specify per conversation whether you want it to be live or not.