It's time! Watermelon now offers the possibility to activate your chatbot on WhatsApp, the world's most preferred messenger app, as well. By adding this channel to your Watermelon dashboard you can help your customers with their questions even faster and better. In this article, you can read more about the functionalities we offer in our dashboard and the various steps that you have to go through for your WhatsApp connection.

What can you do with WhatsApp in the Watermelon dashboard?

WhatsApp is the most used communication channel in the world. You can use WhatsApp in several ways within our dashboard. In this way you can use it as a live chat where you can pick up all incoming conversations. This enables you to manage all your channels in one dashboard. You can also choose to have your chatbot handle the questions on WhatsApp, which means that you will also spend less time answering all these customer questions.

What functionalities does WhatsApp have in the Watermelon dashboard?

Besides receiving and sending messages, we can use even more fun functionalities in our Watermelon dashboard for WhatsApp.  For example, you can use the latest emojis to give your messages a bit more meaning or to make them more informal. You also see all your WhatsApp contacts in the dashboard. This way you can easily see which customers have approached you. After each conversation, you will have the choice to add tags and notes to a WhatsApp conversation. By doing this you can keep up with trends and help customers in a more effective way next time.

Templated messages:
WhatsApp has strict rules when it comes to business contact on their channel. They want to prevent companies from abusing WhatsApp for advertising. Which is why you can no longer pick up a conversation with a visitor after 24 hours. However, we can imagine that sometimes you have solved a certain 'issue' after the first 24 hours and you still want to inform that visitor about it. This is why we use the so-called 'templated messages'. This allows you to create messages that you have prepared in advance in your dashboard that you can send after 24 hours. 

Currently, our WhatsApp integration is still a BETA version, which means that it is live but still in full development.  Because of this, we keep a list of current functionalities in this article. Below you will find our backlog list where we keep track of what still needs to be developed.

Current functionalities for WhatsApp in the Watermelon dashboard

  • [NEW] Have a WhatsApp conversation picked up by a chatbot (maximum of 160 characters per message)
The chatbot uses the FAQ module in the regular way and conversations with a custom solution. WhatsApp does not work with 'buttons'.
When buttons are used in the dashboard, this will be sent as a separate text message in WhatsApp. A maximum of 9 buttons is possible and these buttons will be shown as text with a numeric emoji summary. An example:

1️⃣Text in button 1
2️⃣Text in button 2
3️⃣Text in button 3
4️⃣Text in button 4

The visitor must then type a numeric emoji or a single digit in WhatsApp.
If the text 1 or 1️⃣ is not typed, the mismatch message will display. This will continue in an infinite loop until one of the answers is given. See the video below for a visual explanation.

  • Conversation modules:
-Feedback module (works as buttons)
-Calendar and currency module (works as an input field)
-Checkbox module (works as buttons)
  • Pick up WhatsApp conversation as a live chat (maximum of 160 characters per message)
  • Archiving conversations
All WhatsApp contacts are under My Contacts including their phone number

  • The use of emojis
  • Receive attachments from the WhatsApp user
  • Send attachments to the WhatsApp user
Attachments that are supported: jpg, jpeg, png, mp4, pdf, doc, docx, xls. Maximum file size is 100MB. For video only H.264 video codec and AAC codec. Video without audio is not supported.

  • Forwarding calls to other employees
  • Adding a tag to a conversation

The above functionalities are immediately available in our dashboard. This overview will remain up to date. (last update 12-8-2019 3:30 PM)

Backlog functionalities for WhatsApp in the Watermelon dashboard

  • Supporting message types:
-Sharing locations
-GIF (incoming as MP4)
  • Templated Messages

  • Supporting conversation modules:
-Action module (transfer to employee)

  • Group conversations (will be supported by CM later this year)

In the video below an example of how a chatbot on WhatsApp can offer a solution for your organization.
Want to read about all the benefits of WhatsApp for companies via Watermelon? View our website.
(Unfortunately the video is not yet available in English)

Functionalities that are not supported by WhatsApp:

  • Voice messages
  • Live location
  • Sending GIFs to a WhatsApp user
  • Stickers
  • 'Typing'
  • Dial
  • Call video
  • Start button of conversations

 WhatsApp Verification

To use WhatsApp in your Watermelon dashboard you need to complete a few steps. As many people know, WhatsApp is very strict. They therefore require thorough verification. Below we have put together all the steps for verifying, onboarding and linking WhatsApp to your Watermelon dashboard.

1.WhatsApp Business Registration

To start using WhatsApp as an organization it is necessary that you are first approved by WhatsApp. With this registration, you only have to enter the name of the organization, the URL of the website, the country in which you are based as an organization and the branch in which the organization operates. When this is done, WhatsApp will check this data and determine whether your organization may also start using WhatsApp for Business. You can arrange this so-called pre-verification online through this link. This is entirely without obligation.

2. Create an account

When you are approved you will receive a confirmation email from cs@watermelon.co. You now move on to the next step in the onboarding process. You are asked to take two steps: completing the online registration and signing the Order Form. You can register online by creating a CM.com account. CM.com is our authorized distributor of WhatsApp. When creating the account, information is requested about the organization. Here you can also choose your WhatsApp telephone number. This may be an existing company number. The registration takes approximately 20 minutes.

3. Sign the Order Form

In the same email as above, you will be referred to the CM.com order form. Depending on the number of messages that you expect to send and receive using WhatsApp, a choice will have to be made. These license costs will have to be paid directly to CM.com. You can find the price table here. The order form must be signed to continue in the process.

4. Product Token

When your registration is complete, you will see 100% in the CM.com account. You can link your WhatsApp number to your Watermelon dashboard!

CM.com account

After registration and verification, your unique product token will be ready in your CM.com account. You must link this product token to your Watermelon dashboard.
You can find your product token in your CM account:
  1. Log in to your CM account
  2. Go to settings (top right) and choose Messaging Gateway
You then have to add your product token in your Watermelon dashboard. You do this as follows:

  1. Log in to your Watermelon dashboard
  2. Go to Link / Change Channels and choose WhatsApp
  3. Select Link Number
  4. Add the chosen WhatsApp telephone number here. Make sure it matches the number in your CM account. (Go to your CM account and click on the dashboard (CM logo top left) and after that on the WhatsApp logo under Channels.
  5. Never use a + sign in the dashboard, but 00
  6. Next, add the Product Token
  7. You can now link WhatsApp

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