Question variations

Question variations are the different questions that you add in order t/o get the correct answer from the chatbot. Sometimes filling in question variations can seem difficult - what does the chatbot recognize, and what doesn't it recognize?

Think of the appropriate questions

1. First, think of the main question. Let's take "How do I send an image?" as an example.

2. Second, think of question variations for this main question. It's important the question has the same intent but just asked in a different way. Think about synonyms for the words you used in the main question. For example "Can I send a photo?"

This sentence replaces the word 'image' with 'photo', but also is asking the question in a different way.

Caution: "How do I send a photo?" is not a variation of "How do I send an image"? This sentence only changes one word - and that's not enough to teach the chatbot the intent of the question being asked.

3. A third possible variation of the question: "Is it possible to send media or an attachment?"
This variation doesn't just use synonyms but uses different verbs.

Which questions will the chatbot recognize?

When these three questions have been added, the chatbot will be able to recognize the following as relating to the main question:

How do I send a photo?
How do I send an attachment?

Can I send a photo?
How can I send you a photo?
How can I send an attachment?
How do I send an attachment or a photo?

I don't know how to send an attachment
Is it possible to send a photo?
Can I maybe send you a photo?

To understand if your chatbot is ready to publish, let others test your chatbot.

Testing the questions you added

After you've added the Q&A and trained the chatbot, you'll need to have at least a few conversations to test if the knowledge you added will be sufficient and is organized in a logical way. 
  1. Go to Chatbot
  2. Choose Testing
  3.  Ask your chatbot questions about the subject you just added knowledge about. It's important to ask the questions the way you added them to the system, but be sure to test other variations that you didn't enter. 

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