Requesting feedback from the website user

Asking feedback from the website user

You can use the website widget to ask your customer what he or she thought of the conversation with the chatbot. You can set this up with the feedback module in conversations. Based on this feedback you can make the chatbot better and better! How to add the feedback module you can read below.


How do I add this?

There is a heading added to the menu that says 'Feedback'. Click this to add this to your conversation:

Clicking on the plus sign will show you the emoticons to choose from. 

You can choose up to five different emoticons.

You can also choose to use only a thumbs up and down. The next step could be a text module where the chatbot asks if the user has any feedback. This way you don't only get feedback via the emoticon, but the customer also gets the opportunity to explain it. This allows you to do more with the feedback and make your chatbot even better!