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  • A one-sentence description of the bug. Try to describe your problem as specifically as possible in one sentence. Keep this short and to the point. An example would be, "Chaticon does not appear when in incognito mode".
  • How you think the feature should work.
  • A description of how this bug affects your work in Watermelon. Describe here what is the problem you are experiencing and how it is affecting your workflow. Describe it in as much detail as possible and try to stick to the core of the problem. An example would be, "When in incognito, the chatbot icon on a website doesn't load, preventing the user from chatting." 
  • What steps you take to run into this bug. 
  • Where you experienced the bug.
  • On what device you experienced the bug. 
  • Images/documents that can help us. The more footage you provide, the easier it is for us to figure out where the problem is. So please send screenshots or video footage along!
  • The feature affected by this bug.

      Keep an eye on your email!

      Now that your bug report has been submitted, our support team will start processing it. You will receive emails with updates on the status of your bug report. 

    Sometimes there is a work around possible, to get around the bug while it is still unsolved. Our support team will communicate this workaround to you in the comments of your bug report!

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