Automatically forward a conversation to an employee

For some questions, you may want the chatbot to send the customer directly to an agent. In this article you can read how to do this.

Note: this article is about the Legacy chatbot. Are you looking for articles about the Pulse chatbot? You can find them here.

For some questions, you may want the chatbot to send the customer directly to an agent. You can set this up in conversations and in the question and answer pairs (FAQs). 

When you redirect visitors to employees, you take full advantage of the hybrid model of the Watermelon platform and make sure your customer always gets the help they need.

Forward a conversation

  • Add a Multiple Choice Answer module.

  • Then select the button after which you want the customer to be forwarded automatically. You will now see a green arrow appear underneath.

  • Click the arrow and select the action Forward to an employee.

Note: You can only add this module at the end of a conversation. When you have multiple answers/questions under a multiple choice question, you need to remove these first.

  • As a last step, add an End of conversation module and fill in the text that your customers will see before they are automatically forwarded to a staff member. You can, for example, ask for information that will help the employees to help your customer even faster.


Forwarding a call to one specific colleague

Above is described how to forward a call to the general filter Unassigned Calls. A forwarded call is then visible to every employee in the Watermelon platform. Did you know that you can also forward a conversation to one specific employee? You can do this via teams. Follow the steps below:

  • In the main menu, go to Settings.
  • Click on Create/Modify teams. 
  • Click on Add new team.
  • Fill in the first name of the specific co-worker under Team name.
  • Click on Add users to team, select your colleague and click on Add users.
  • If necessary remove yourself from the team by clicking on Remove behind your name.
  • Click on Save.

In this way you can create different teams for all individual colleagues (see image below).

Now we need to teach the chatbot when to forward a conversation and to which colleague. Think in advance which topics belong to which colleague. Then follow the steps below and watch the video at the bottom of the step-by-step plan:

  • Go to Chatbot from the main menu. 
  • Click on Add knowledge.
  • Click on Conversations and click on an existing conversation or add a new conversation.
  • Decide at what point in the conversation you want to redirect the conversation to your colleague.
  • Add a multiple choice answer and type in, for example, 'Speak to a colleague'. 
  • Click the white bullet with the down arrow and choose Forward to a team
  • Select the 'team' to which the conversation must be forwarded and click on Save.
  • Close the conversation by clicking End Conversation and adding a closing text.
  • Click Save and Close in the top left corner.


Forwarding a FAQ

This is easier for the FAQ. After completing the question variations and the corresponding answer, you can click on the forward arrow. You can then choose whether to forward the call to an employee or to a specific team.

This way you can choose for each FAQ whether or not the call will be forwarded to a staff member/team. The forward arrow turns green as soon as you choose to forward the FAQ. This way you can easily recognise which FAQs are forwarded and which are not!