Question & Answer model - FAQ

You want to make your chatbot as smart as possible - so you can add all the questions your customers ask to your chatbot's knowledge base. Over time, the chatbot learns to recognize the intent of the question being asked.
To get started, add three variations of the question for each answer. This is the minimum number of variations the chatbot needs in order to be able to answer the question. When you test your chatbot, you can add even more variations on the questions.

Adding questions in Q&A

  1. Navigate to Chatbot
  2. Select Add knowledge
  3. Choose FAQ
  4. You can add categories to order your questions. Add a category in order to add a question.
  5. Click on a category, then select Add a new question
  6. Add the question, then add two variations on the question, then add the answer - be sure to click Save.

Why are there already questions and answers in the chatbot?

The personality questions are pre-filled. You'll only need to add the answers. You can find the personality questions by Chatbot, go to edit and select chatbot personality. The chatbot also already knows a few swear words so it can respond accordingly when someone is testing the chatbot by swearing. 

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