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Create an API-key

With our public API key, you can connect Watermelon with external applications. In this article, we explain how to do this.

  • Go to your Settings.
  • Go to API key.
  • Click Create API key.
  • Name your API key.
  • Select the read and write permissions of the API key. This determines whether the data is read and/or added to the database.
  • Click Generate API Key.
  • Then the API key and the Secret key are generated. Click on the code to copy it to your clipboard.

Note: The Secret Key is only shown once. So save it well!

  • Click Complete. You will now be given the option to download the API key and the Secret key as a PDF document.

    So, done! You will now find the API key in the overview.

You can find a complete overview of the public API in the API documentation.