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Handing off a chatbot conversation to an employee in Pulse

Within Watermelon Pulse it is also possible to have the chatbot hand off a conversation to an employee. In this article you can read how to achieve this.

It is possible that you would like to take over a certain conversation from the chatbot, so that you can chat live with the end user yourself. To do this, navigate to Pulse in Watermelon. Then open the chatbot in which you want to set this up, go to Situations and then Handoff.


Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 13.32.59

Here you will first set up the Prompts. In these prompts you give the chatbot instructions on what to do when the conversation is handed off. We distinguish between the action from the chatbot during business hours and the action from the chatbot during out of office. To actually set your out of office times, please read the following article.

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An example:

If someone wants to speak to a human agent, let them know that you will transfer them and that it may take up to 1 minute to answer. See example below:

User: I want to speak to an employee.
Assistant: No problem, I'll hand you off to one of my colleagues. We usually respond within one minute.

Then you will set the triggers. These are the messages that an end user can send to which the chatbot can recognize that he or she wants to speak to an employee. 

Examples of triggers

  • Speak employee
  • Receive  quote
  • Talk to Pete
  • Report  complaint

Scherm_afbeelding 2023-09-12 om 13.47.25

For each trigger you can now set where the conversation should be handed off to. This can be

  • The "New" inbox, from where the conversation can be picked up by every employee.
  • Assigning it to a user (if someone specifically asks for a particular colleague)
  • Assigning it to a team; for example the sales team for a quote or customer service for a complaint

The chatbot is able to recognize when the sentence is formulated differently. The end user therefore does not have to literally use the trigger before transferring to an employee.