10 oktober 2019

Release Notes September

Release Notes September
See visitor activity and dashboard improvements 
As you’ve probably noticed we have been launching quite the features lately 🤩! This month we launched 'See visitor activity'. A feature which was highly anticipated and we have been receiving some very positive feedback from our customers. We love it as much as you do! 

We also made two improvements in the dashboard. In this release notes we give you a short recap about all of them. 

What's new 🎉

  • Work more efficiently with See visitor activity
The dashboard now shows if a visitor is online, ended the conversation or minimalized the CXhub.  
  • Ability for visitor to end the conversation
in CXhubVisitors have the ability to close the conversation and clear their chat data. 
We have disabled the close button for chats that have not been started yet. This way visitors know the chat can still be activated. They can use the minimize button to close it. 

 Improvements 🎗

  • Dashboard language is saved in next session 🇳🇱🇬🇧🇩🇪🇫🇷
Watermelon loves languages! Previously you had to set the prefered language with each log in. Now the dashboard saves the settings. 
  • Out of office switch has been removed 📆
As this feature did not deliver the desired expectations, we have decided to remove the switch in the conversation overview.

 Bug fixes ⚙️

After launching our new archive button after the visitor had ended the conversation, the chat was still visible. Only after a refresh it disappeared.
This has been fixed and conversations are archived immediately. 🗃

 Coming soon 🏁

We are working on a few larger projects that will be launched in the upcoming period. Custom Fields will enrich your visitor data and the first version of this feature is on the very near-term horizon!
Also exciting is our Teams project which gives users the possibility to work in the Watermelon dashboard with different departments.

Have a closer look to our roadmap to see which features we are (planning on) working on.