11 december 2019

Relase notes November

Dashboard improvements and Canny bugs 

While we are still in awe over our latest big feature Custom Fields 🤩
We have been working hard in November to improve our dashboard further. Our focus was in making your experience with Watermelon better as ever by fixing bugs and improve the dashboard. What would probably make you extra thrilled is that most of this month's releases come from Canny
Read along if you want to know more. 

What's new 🎉

A clickable URL (hyperlink), phone number or email will change into HTML  in the CXhub and your dashboard and while chatting with an agent. The hyperlink opens in a new tab.  🔗
The textarea in the dashboard automatically changes to the right height.
This will make your chat experience a lot better! Never miss a new conversation with the count indicator in your header. 🔢
Seeing exact date and time of messages instead of ‘x days ago’. ⏱
Canny ‘Latest Updates Widget’. 🔔 What is that, you say? Check it our here. CXhub plugin for Wordpress - Install the CXhub on all pages of your website in just a few seconds. Want to know more? Click here.

Improvements 🎗

Styling changes for all counter indicators in your conversations overview.
The status indicators when forwarding a conversation have been removed. 
As this was not working correctly, the function is disabled. 
Eyecatcher remembers the close state on every new webpage. 🖥
Close button for eyecatcher is in the text balloon, so no more hoover state. 💬

Bug fixes ⚙️

These bugs have been solved this month: The timestamp in the CXhub welcome message is not in Summertime anymore. ⏰
Facebook now supports hyperlinks inside the chat. Try Facebook with Watermelon now. 🔗
All e-mails with HTML code are now displayed correctly.
Try Gmail with Watermelon now! 📧
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