Where can I have the chatbot redirect a conversation to?

There are several places in the conversation overview that the chatbot can redirect a conversation to. Find out which ones they are in this article!

A forwarded conversation from the chatbot, always ends up in the general filter Unassigned conversations or in the team filter unassigned conversations. Which filter the conversation ends up in, depends on how you've set up the chatbot. The chatbot can redirect a conversation in two ways:

Go to general filter unassigned conversations. This is where conversations go to so that any user can see and pick up. Click here

Below you can see an example of a conversation redirected to the general filter unassigned conversations.

All convos

  1. To the Unassigned conversations of a specific team. This makes the conversation visible only to the users added to this team. Below you can see an example of a conversation that has been forwarded to the Finance team. This can also be recognised by the label 'Sales' that can be seen below the conversation. Convos 2 

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