How do I sort my conversations in the conversation overview?

This article explains how to sort your conversations in the conversation overview within our platform.

As a company, you receive several questions in one day. It is then nice to see at a glance what is, for example, the oldest message that is still open, the newest message you have received, or a distinction of conversations that come in via different channels. This ensures more efficient handling of customer questions, as you can keep an overview in various ways.

We have a sorting functionality for this, where you can sort incoming calls in different ways. There are four possible sort functions, namely:

  • Newest
    Sort conversations from newest to oldest.
  • Oldest
    Sort conversations from old to new.
  • Website widget activity
    Sorting is based on the level of activity in the website widget. Conversations that experience the most activity are then at the top.
  • Alphabetical A-Z
    Sorting of conversations in alphabetical order of the contacts associated with each conversation.
  • Channel
    Sorting by channel.

Filter conversationsYou can sort conversations as follows:

  • Go to the conversation overview.
  • At the top left you see a dropdown menu, click on it.
  • Once clicked you will see the different sorting options.
  • Click on one of the sort options to sort your conversations.