Start using your chatbot in 3 steps

You can start using the chatbot by following these three steps! Once you've followed these steps, the chatbot will be ready to learn everything about your organisation and start responding to customers. Setting up the chatbot is easy:

Step 1: Link a channel

Before you can activate the chatbot, you've got to link at least one channel.
1. Go to Settings
2. Go to Add / Edit Channels
3. Choose CXhub and fill in your website's URL
4. You can choose to add the code, or add the website. Follow the instructions in the dashboard or read more details in the Help Center. You can also choose to add the code to your website later and first continue setting up the chatbot.
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Step 2: Setup the chatbot personality

  1. Go to Chatbot
  2. Click on Start to begin the chatbot setup
  3. You'll enter the menu for setting up the chatbot personality
  4. Give the chatbot a name and a profile avatar, determine how it reacts to specific situations and add answers to all of the standard personality questions

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    We've already added answers to the personality questions, but it's important to give your chatbot its own character. You don't have to do this right away, but think about coming back to it later to adapt your chatbot to your company's tone of voice.

Step 3: Putting the chatbot live on the channels you've linked

1. Click I agree with all questions
2. Click save and next step
3. Choose the channel(s) on which your chatbot will be active
4. Click on Save to complete the setup process
What channels is your chatbot active on?

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