Custom fields

A Custom Field is a new contact property that you can define yourself. This could be, for instance, Name, Phone number, Order number, User ID… You name it! 🤩

For example a CXhub visitor tells you what their name and email address is. Previously you couldn’t do anything with this information inside Watermelon. From now on you can add this data to the visitors contact information. Check out the image below for a preview.

You could use this feature to store additional details in your contact such as an Order number or a User ID. Once you’ve filled in a phone number or email address way you will be able to retrieve this conversation later on in the contacts overview, might you need this information again.
How to add it
An Admin can add these Custom Fields to your Watermelon Dashboard on a company wide level. Once created any Support Agent can fill in these fields when in a conversation with a visitor.

To add Custom Fields to your Watermelon Dashboard go to Settings ⚙️ > Custom Fields, as seen below. When in this menu you can select an icon that suits your Custom Field best. Then choose a name and what type of information is stored within the Custom Field. All this information will turn up as an input field in the contact menu as seen in the preview above.
With this being version 1 of our coming Custom Field updates, we’ve established the foundation for what’s to come. In the upcoming versions we will add the possibility for the chatbot to automatically fill in your Custom Fields and even use them in a conversation! This way a conversation with the chatbot can be personalized to a whole new extent! We’ll keep you posted 🔔.
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