Transfer conversations

You can pick up a conversation when it appears in New conversations, or take over a conversation being had by the chatbot. When you've done this, the conversation will appear in My conversations.

Transfer a conversation

You can choose to transfer a conversation to a colleague at any time. When an inquiry comes in, it will appear under New conversations. From here you can transfer the conversation to a colleague, even if he or she is offline.

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Transfer a conversation from My conversations

One you've picked up a conversation yourself (My conversations) you can still transfer it to a colleague.

Take over a conversation from a support user or a chatbot

Are you an admin? You can take over conversations being had by the chatbot or by support users or other admins.
  1. Navigate to the Conversation overview.
  2. Select the user from whom you want to pick up the conversation. 
  3. Select the conversation you want to pick up.
  4. Here you can see the entire conversation history. Below the conversation you see two buttons:
5. Select Pick up conversation if you want to pick up the conversation yourself.
6. Select Transfer conversation if you want one of your support users or other admins to pick up this conversation.

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