See visitor status

Don't wait any longer for visitors who already left the chat and spend your time on visitors who still need your support.

How does it work?
The ability to see whether the visitor has left the chat comes from the information out of the CXhub. Visitors have the possibility to end the conversation or minimalize the chatscreen. And this information is redirected to your dashboard. The Watermelon dashboard has the following status possibilities:

đź”´Conversation ended - Visitor has ended the conversation using the closing button in the CXhub
âś…Online - Visitor is active in the CXhub
〽️Minimalized - Visitor has minimized the CXhub and is inactive for now

You can see the activity on the left bar of your conversation and just next to the visitor's ID.

This status will help you to go through your chats efficiently. When the conversation is ended you only have the possibility to archive the conversation and continue to you next visitor.

This visitor has ended the chat. The chat agent only has the possibility to archive the conversation:

This visitor is online in the CXhub, as you can see with the green bar and green circle:


How do we know all this?
With the closing and minimizing button in the CXhub! 
Your visitor can clear his chat data and start a conversation over again. 

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