New conversations

This overview contains all of the new incoming conversations that have not been picked up by a support user or the chatbot. When a conversation is picked up, it will appear in My conversations.

If you have a chatbot that's active, all conversations which are not able to be picked up or continued by the chatbot because a question is not understood will appear in New conversations. A red number icon will appear next to New Conversations to alert you that there are conversations that need to be picked up by a support employee or admin user.

How do I pick up a new conversation?

When the chatbot has transferred a conversation, you can pick this up by clicking Take over conversation.
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How do I transfer a conversation to a colleague?

If a support user has picked up a conversation but is unable to answer, he or she can transfer the conversation to an employee (even if he or she is offline) by choosing Forward conversation under the conversation.
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