Delete data from the dashboard

Watermelon is GDPR compliant - you can archive but also permanently delete conversations and their associated data. 

Delete conversations from My conversations

Once you're done speaking with a customer, you can consider deleting the conversation by clicking on Remove conversation above the conversation panel. Note: When you delete the conversation, the conversation history, statistics and all associated customer data will be deleted.

Remove conversation

Delete conversations from My contacts

You can delete all conversation and customer data for a specific person from My contacts, for example if someone personally requests that his or her data be deleted. Click on the trash icon next to the person's name to permanently delete all their conversation and customer data.

Delete single contacts

Delete conversations from the Archive 

If you want to delete all of your conversations, you can do that at the click of a button. We're working on making it possible to see the conversations in the archive; now you'll delete these conversations through My contacts. Note, this will permanently delete all of your conversations and data - in your archive, in the Conversation Overview, in My Conversations, and in My Contacts.

Click on the trash icon behind the (all) number. This workaround still deletes all of your archived conversations even if your all contacts is 0 (as your chatbot doesn't ask for contact details).

Delete all contacts

Automatically delete all conversations at the frequency you specify

You can set up that the system will automatically delete all conversation and customer after an interval of time that you specify. This will delete all conversations and data, even the most current. If you indicate that you want all data deleted monthly, this will happen on the first day of every month automatically. This means that when a new conversation started on 31 July, it will be deleted 1 August. The frequencies on which the conversations are deleted can be set on weekly, monthly and yearly.
You can specify if and how often messages are deleted by going to Settings > GDPR Compliance

GDPR compliance

What's next?

We're always improving the Watermelon platform. Right now we're working on:
  • Generating insights into the archive.
  • The ability to delete messages which are older than a certain period of time. 

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