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When you've finished a conversation with a customer, you can archive the conversation. Click on Archive at the top if the conversation pane. Archiving impacts the conversation duration in the conversation duration in your statistics.
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Where do I find my archived conversations?

When you've archived a conversation it will move to my contacts. 
  1. Search for the customer name in my contacts.
  2. Click on the customer's name and select archive.
  3. Here is an overview of all of the conversations your team (and chatbot) have had with this customer. You'll see the channel on which the conversation occurred and the date the conversation happened. 
  4. Click on a date to see the details of a conversation.

What data do I need in order to archive a conversation?

You can find an archived conversation if you have the customer's contact details. Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and Email automatically import customer contact details.
On the CXhub this is not possible. The details the customer provided in the CXhub can be found in the conversation or in my contacts (once the conversation has been moved to the archive).

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