Teach the suggestion bot

You want your suggestion bot to be as useful as possible for your support team (and you) to use when chatting. You can add all the questions your customers are asking to the suggestion bot, and it will learn to recognise the intent of the question being asked. The suggestion bot makes a support employee's work easier.

To get started, add three different variations of questions for one answer. This is the minimum the suggestion bot needs to get started. Once you start testing the suggestion bot, you can add more question variations.

Add questions 

  1. Navigate to Chatbot.
  2. Select Add knowledge.
  3. Select FAQ.
  4. Add categories to organise your questions. Once you've added a category, you can add a question. 

5. Choose a category and click Add a new question.
6. Fill in the question, at least two variations on the question, and the answer, and press Save.

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