Out of office message

When you set up an out-of-office message, people who chat with you will receive an automatic reply letting them know you're not available.

How do I set up an out of office message?

  1. Go in the top right to Settings.
  2. Select Out of Office message on the left hand side menu. You must be an admin in order to set up the out of office message.
  3. Type in the message you want customers to see when they contact you outside of office hours. Be sure to include the hours you are open in the message so that the customer knows when he or she can try again.
  4. Set up the hours that you're available each day. 
  5. Click Save.

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Are you using a chatbot?

If you're using a chatbot, then it can answer incoming inquiries even outside of your office hours. When the chatbot hasn't learned a specific question, the conversation will be transferred to a human employee. The person chatting to you will then see your out of office message and understand his message will be answered later.

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