How does the suggestion bot work?

A suggestion bot gives customer service employees answer suggestions during a conversation. This enables your team to quickly and easily provide answers to customers.

How does it work? 

The customer asks a question, and when that question (or a variation) exists in the database, the suggestion bot presents a suggested answer to the support user. The user can then choose to use the suggested answer as-is, or edit the answer before it's sent. The user can also choose to type a new answer to the customer.
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Turn the suggestion bot on or off per user

The suggestion bot can be used in all paid plan. You can activate or deactivate the suggestion bot under Settings > Chatbot > Activate your chatbot. Activate the chatbot and/or the suggestion bot from this menu.

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Suggestion bot database 

The suggestion bot takes its information from the same database as the chatbot. You only have to fill in the questions, question variations and the answers and these are used by both the chatbot and the suggestion bot.

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