Take the chatbot offline

Your Watermelon chatbot can be (temporarily) taken offline. If you're an admin, you can turn off the chatbot on Facebook, CXhub, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Telegram. You can turn on the chatbot again whenever you're ready. You can choose to have the suggestion bot stay live even if you've (temporarily) turned off the chatbot.

How do I take the chatbot offline?

  1. Navigate to Chatbot 
  2. Select Activate your chatbot
  3. Choose Turn off chatbot (& suggestion bot), the chatbot will be automatically deactivated. Dont forget to turn on the chatbot once he has to start working again!

Out of office message

We advise our clients to set up an out of office message so your client will receive an automatic reply if they try to contact you outside of office hours. This informs your customer that he won't be helped right away. 

If you keep your chatbot active, it will still pick up conversations outside of office hours. 
  1. Navigate in the upper-right hand corner to Settings
  2. Select Out of office message
  3. Type a message 
  4. Input the hours that you are available
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For example, you could ask the customer to respond to your out-of-office message with contact details so you can get in touch with them later.

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