Edit the CXhub icon

When the customer visits your website, you want the chatbot icon to stand out more and makes clearer for customers that they can ask the chatbot for the help. For example, the customer may be more inclined to ask the chatbot for help.

What can I change?

You can change the shape of your CXhub icon in the Watermelon dashboard. For example, you can currently choose between a square or a round icon. You can also choose that the icon or shape is colored with your chosen color. In the image below you see the various options that you now have in adjusting the shape and color of your CXhub icon.

How can I change it?

First of all you have to login into your Watermelon dashboard, go to Settings to add/edit channels and then select the correct CXhub channel. When you select change icon here you will see the window as in the image below this text. Here you can make your icon square or round and color it or not.

If you want to keep a close eye on the progress of this feature, you can do it here.

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