Go live with your chatbot

Going live with your chatbot is exciting! It will start to answer incoming inquiries on the channels you choose: Facebook, CXhub, WhatsApp, Twitter and/or Telegram. Admins can follow along with conversations the chatbot's having in real-time, and take over the conversation at the click of a button at any time.

How do you go live with the chatbot?

  1. Go to Chatbot.
  2. Select Activate your chatbot.
  3. Select if you want to go live with just the chatbot, just the suggestion bot, or both.

When should I publish my chatbot?

In theory, you can go live with your chatbot as soon as one channel where the chatbot works have been linked to your dashboard. However, we advise to first teach your chatbot some things by adding knowledge and giving it a personality.

Once you've trained and tested your chatbot, you can publish it. You can choose when the conversation is automatically transferred to an employee, for example after one occurrence of the chatbot not being able to answer the question. You can also select the option for the conversation to "never" be transferred:
  1. Go to Chatbot
  2. Select Edit
  3. Go to Chatbot personality
  4. Under Settings > Edit > Chatbot personality, how your chatbot reacts. You can change hereafter how many questions the chatbot will send you forward to an employee.

Publish your chatbot so your customers can start using it. When your chatbot encounters mismatches, you can resolve these. Add a question variation to an answer, or create a new question. This way your customers are helping to make your chatbot smarter!

Do you want to wait until your chatbot is able to answer a specific number of questions. Add new knowledge every day and have your colleagues test your chatbot frequently. When you're satisfied with how the chatbot performs, go live.

Which channels can I use with the Chatbot ?

Choose CXhub, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and/or Telegram. You can choose some channels for your chatbot, and some yourself.
1. Go to Chatbot
2. Select Edit
3. Select Edit channels

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