What are chatbot conversations?

Have you ever had an in-depth discussion with a chatbot? That's what we call a Conversation! A conversation is an extension of the chatbot's Q&A model. It sounds complex but don't worry, we've made it super easy to use. 

If you'd prefer to have only one answer per question, see how to add knowledge to the chatbot in the question & answer model.

What are conversations?

A conversation is a useful 'answer-tree' also known as conversational design. You can easily ask your customers follow-up questions.

Here's an example: A customer says "I want to buy a melon." Your chatbot can ask "a cantaloupe or a watermelon?" Asking follow-up questions allows you to better direct the conversations you are having to a useful end point. It's easier for the chatbot to provide the correct answer more quickly when more information about the customer's intent is known. You can also use conversations to lead customers to a specific page on your website depending on their needs.

Create  a conversation

Would you like to make a conversation? Follow the steps below:

1. Select Chatbot.
2. Select Add knowledge.
3. Click Conversations.

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5. Add a new conversation by clicking the add new conversation button.
6. Fill in a variety of questions and variations that will trigger the conversation.
7. In ask your customer questions, click on the button text. Type your chatbot's response in this field with a follow-up question to your customer.

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8. You can choose to add another text field, or ask the customer to provide an answer to the follow-up question using buttons
9. By linking a conversation to another, the conversation will end and be forwarded to the linked conversation. You can do this by clicking on the link to conversation button.
10. When a conversation is not linked to another , you can choose to end the conversation by clicking the end conversation button. Make sure that at the end of each conversation the conversation is either linked or ended with the end of conversation button. 
11. When all flows in the conversation have been added, you can publish the conversation.

Go live with the conversation by training your chatbot!

Tips when creating a Conversation

It's easy to think of an useful conversation, and to set this up in the Watermelon dashboard is easy too, but consider the following food for thought:
  • What's the topic of the conversation? Is it about how to order a dress? Be sure the subject is specific and clear to yourself and to the team. 
  • Provide different variations in the questions, with the same intention, in doing so there are no shortcomings when talking to the chatbot. This can cause a customer to drop out.
  • Think carefully about how you end the conversation. If you want to give the customer the chance to ask another question, link the conversation to a main menu. If the interview needs to be forwarded to an employee, then choose this option. Or, close the call by ending the conversation.
Conversations can be active on  Facebook Messenger, CXhub, Telegram, WhatsApp and Twitter.

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