Tips & Tricks for conversations

It's easy to think of an interesting conversation, and easy to set up the conversation in Watermelon. Before you get started, consider the following:
  • Think about the topic of the conversation and write this well. Is it about how to order a dress, or how to determine what size is needed? Keep the topic short and be sure it's clear to you and to the team.
  • Add enough variations to the questions to avoid miscommunication and the customer abandoning the conversation. 
  • Conversations allow you to use buttons (or quick replies) for the customer to continue the conversation. This allows you to steer how things progress. 
  • Think carefully about how you close the conversation. Do you want to give the customer the opportunity to answer the questions again, to have them sent to an employee or back to the main menu?
  • Make sure the conversations are not too long. If you unexpectedly have to make a small change, the whole conversation tree will have to be canceled until the change.
  • Have a good ending, this can be an end of conversation or you send the customer back to the main menu or to an employee.
Conversations work on Facebook Messenger, CXhub, Telegram, WhatsApp and Twitter Direct Messages.
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