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Before you publish the chatbot on your website, you'll want it to work optimally. To avoid the possibility that the questions you've entered aren't relevant to your customers, we suggest you let others test your chatbot.

How can I let a test group see if my chatbot is ready?

Let a small group of customers or employees test your chatbot in the dashboard. Another option is to publish the CXhub on a secure area of your website, for example a page that isn't indexed and visible only to those who have the link. Another option is create a new Facebook company page to test it via Facebook Messenger.

Test group participants

Collecting a group of people to test your chatbot can be challenging, but here are a few suggestions. Ask employees from different departments to give the chatbot a try. Maybe you have a monthly newsletter and can ask your customers to test it out. You could ask a few clients to come to the office for a 'lunch-and-learn' session, or have a 24 hour period where the chatbot is live on the website for testing.
Our experience is that customers ask different questions than employees do. That's why its important to try to find a way to have your customers, or at least your customer service employees, test the chatbot. This will give you the most realistic idea of whether or not the questions and answers you entered are sufficient to go live.

After the test, you can resolve any mismatches and incorporate the feedback from participants.

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