When you first start working with the Watermelon chatbot, it's important to have a plan. Below are a few tips from our experiences with clients:

Start date

Have you planned a Watermelon kick-off meeting? Use this as the start date for starting to use your chatbot. Start adding information, and during the kick-off you'll set goals for your chatbot.

Where should I start?

When you've determined the goal(s) of using your chatbot, start by adding categories of information you want the chatbot to learn. Do you want your chatbot to work answering frequently asked questions? Use the question & answer model and enter these at Add knowledge.

Is the goal to send customers to a specific webpage or through a specific process? Design a conversation! Ontwerp dan een conversatie! Read more about building chatbot conversations. First draw out the conversation flow on paper, or using a tool like

Before you start adding information to your chatbot's database, remind yourself of the goal of using your chatbot. This can help keep the information in the database organised.

Add, train, test

Whether you've chosen Q&A, just conversations, or both, the steps remain the same. Add the information, train the chatbot, then test the knowledge you've added in the test screen. Read more about testing your chatbot.

Let others test your chatbot

Let your customer service team or a selection of your current customers test your chatbot. Often they ask questions in different ways than you may have anticipated, and these question variations can be used to make your chatbot smarter.

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