In a conversation, it is possible to have the visitor answer in an input field. This module looks like this:
Inputfield symbol

As you can see in the image below, you can ask for an e-mail, telephone number and a separate text that you can determine yourself.

How to use an input field?

You can ask an e-mail address to the visitor to, for example, follow this up as a human employee at a later time. The same applies to the telephone number so that you can call the visitor at a later time.

You can enter the individual text as you wish so that you can give the visitor an answer anywhere. In the example below the chatbot asks; what happens once in June, 1 time in July and 2 times in August?
In the input field there is already: "The answer is..", after this the visitor will reply.

Inputfield textfield

In the chat the input field with the separate text "The answer is .." looks like this;
  • When you choose the telephone number for the input field, the visitor is pushed, as it were, to enter a numbering. It is therefore not possible to place text in this input field
  • When you choose e-mail at the input field, the visitor is pushed to enter a domain name. Placing an @ sign is mandatory.

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