Test your chatbot well

Per conversation, you have the possibility to toggle it live or test. When you have finished making a new conversation for the first time, you do not want customers to be able to use it immediately. First, you want to test the conversation yourself. With the click of a button you can easily choose not to put the conversation live, but in test mode. In test mode, the conversation will only be available in the internal test function of the Watermelon dashboard. When you have finished testing, you can easily change the mode of the conversation by toggling live.

If you go to conversations, you will see two options under each conversation: Live and Testing. You can select one of the two options.

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If you are going to test the chatbot, we recommend doing this in a test group. This way you get feedback from several people, with different functions. In all probability, these people choose different paths and conversations. This way you can make sure that the chatbot is tested thoroughly.
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