The chatbot's personality

You can give the chatbot a personality so the way it has conversations is in line with your organisation's tone of voice. Get started by adding a name and a profile picture for your chatbot. You can add and adjust personal details such as interests, favorite foods and hobbies.

Setup the chatbot personality

  1. Choose Chatbot
  2. Choose Edit
  3. Choose Chatbot personality
  4. This menu allows you to edit the chatbot's personality 

Why is it important to give the chatbot a personality?

You want to help your customers as quickly as possible, but the way you help them also plays an important role in their satisfaction. By adding a suitable character, the chatbot is like a business card or receptionist for your organization. A chatbot is most often used for customer service or marketing, and sometimes is the first and only point of contact your customers have with your company. That's why it's important to think about the type of personality you're giving your chatbot.

Illustration, photo or avatar?

When you add a profile picture for your chatbot, you give your customers an idea of who they're talking to. Think about the significance of the picture for your organization. We use an illustration for Chatbot Charlie at Watermelon.

When you use an avatar, you make it clear to customers that they're speaking with a chatbot. Customers understand that they're speaking with a chatbot and will adjust the way they ask questions.

You could also choose to add a photo of a person. Customers will consider your bot to be one of the members of your organization, but this could mean that they don't understand they're speaking with a chatbot.

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