Bold, italic and underlined

When you want to attract the attention of your visitors in the chat, it helps to make certain pieces of text bold, italic or to underline this.

Adjust text lay-out

If you want to emphasize the text of a conversation or question & answer, you can use bold, italic or underlined text. Within the conversation or question & answer module, select the text you want to emphasize and it will be highlighted in blue. Then the symbols will appear as shown in the image below.

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Above are the symbols that appear when you have selected a piece of text in a conversation or question & answer.
The B on the left is used to make selected text bold.
The second symbol, I, is used to make text italic.
You use the third symbol, U, to underline text. Of course you can also apply all functions to the selected text so that it is bold, italic and underlined.

The last symbol is used to create a hyperlink. We wrote an article on how to do this here.

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