Add CXhub to Google Tag Manager

It is possible to add the CXhub to Google Tag Manager in just 7 steps!

  1. Log in to Google Tag Manager and navigate to the account you want to install the tag on.
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  2. In the left menu, choose Tags and click New in the top right corner to add a new tag.
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  3. Choose Custom HTML from the menu.
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  4. Copy and paste the chatbot script from the Watermelon Dashboard. This can be found at: Settings > Add/edit channels > CXhub > the channel you want to link > view code.
  5. At Triggers you can choose which pages the CXhub should show up on. If you want the CXhub to be displayed on all pages, choose All Pages. Pay attention! Don't forget to enable Support document.write.
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  6. Now click Save in the top right corner to save your new tag. You can now send these changes to the Tag Manager. Do this by clicking Submit at the top right corner of the page.
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  7. Enter a Version Name and Version Description here. Your new tag can now be published!
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