How can I merge contacts?

Duplicate contacts in your system are confusing. You can merge them manually or automatically. Below is how that works.

Merging contacts manually

You can merge contacts manually by changing a 'unique field'. A unique field contains information related to one specific person. This could be an email address, order number or phone number. Whether a field is unique or not can be indicated via the settings in the upper right-hand corner. Then click on 'Custom fields' on the left-hand side and choose whether each free field is unique or not. 

Merging contacts

When two contacts need to be merged, you can modify one of the unique fields in 'My Contacts'. Then click on a contact that needs to be merged and edit a unique field. 

Automatic merging

When a customer enters their information using the free fields in a chatbot conversation, the data is automatically updated in the platform. If two different contacts are created in this way that have entered the same email address, for example, these contacts are automatically merged.