How does the suggestion bot work?

A suggestion bot gives customer service employees answer suggestions during the conversation. This allows you to quickly and easily answer the questions of the customer.

How does it work

The customer asks a question, and when a similar question occurs in the database of the suggestion bot, the suggestion bot gives an answer to the customer service employee. As the name of the bot suggests, a suggestion is given. The employee then chooses whether to use this suggestion, adapt it, or type a completely new answer to the customer.

Activating or deactivating the suggestion bot

You can activate and deactivate the suggestion bot yourself under the heading Chatbot > Activate your chatbot. Here, you can activate both the chatbot and the suggestion bot.

Next, you can configure per account whether you want to receive suggestions from the suggestion bot. You can do this via Chatbot > Edit > Suggestions.

Database of the suggestion bot

The suggestion bot gets its information from the same database as the chatbot. So you enter the question variations and the answers once and these are used by both the chatbot and the suggestion bot.