How do I activate the chatbot?

Activating the chatbot is an exciting moment! It means the chatbot will answer your customers' questions and you can choose which channels to put your chatbot on.

Before you activate your chatbot, it's important to train and test your chatbot. Once you've done this and are satisfied, you can activate the chatbot.

Choose between a chatbot or a suggestion bot

A suggestion bot gives your employees suggestions for answers they can send. When you enable the suggestion bot, customers won't see these suggestions.

  • Go to Chatbot.
  • Choose Activate your chatbot.
  • Choose whether to activate only the chatbot, only the suggestion bot or both.

How do I activate the chatbot on my channels?

Once you've linked up your channels, you can activate the chatbot on these channels. You can choose to have the chatbot active only on your website, but also on Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram.

  • Go to Chatbot.
  • Click Edit.
  • Select Edit channels.
  • Select the channels you want the chatbot to be active on.
  • Click on Save.