How can I teach the suggestion bot new information?

You want to make your suggestion bot as smart as possible! You can add all the questions your customers ask to the suggestion bot. The suggestion bot learns to recognise the intent of questions to make it easier for customer service agents. To start with, for one answer you add three different questions. This is the minimum number the suggestion bot needs to give the right answer to a question. Once you start testing the suggestion bot, you can add more question variations. 

Filling in questions

  1. Go to Chatbot menu at the top of your platform.
  2. Choose Add knowledge.
  3. Choose FAQ.
  4. You can add categories to organise your questions. Once you have added a category, you can also add a question.

Please note! As yet, it is not possible to remove a category.

5.   Click on a category and choose Add new question.

6.   Fill in the question, two variants of the question, and the answer and choose Save.